Book 2 of the Smanantha Barclay Mystery Novels

Introduction: Delusions

Delusions by Suzanne M Hurley, Book 2 of the Samantha Barclay Mysteries Series Delusions by Suzanne M Hurley, Book 2 of the Samantha Barclay Novels Mystery Series

Title: Delusions
Published: October 01, 2008
                 Wings Press Inc.
Genre:    Romantic Mystery
Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-59705-160-6 Romantic Mystery

Narcotics are sweeping Milton High!
A student is dead!

Lies and deceit take over, as High School counselor Samantha Barclay is immersed in yet another deadly drama.

Will she catch the perpetrators?

Will she stop the drug surge?

And why in the world is Deputy Al Michaels ignoring her?

Amateur Sleuth Samantha Barclay risks her life to uncover the truth


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322 pages Cover art by: Trisha FitzGerald

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 Finally locating the switch, I flooded the area with light.
     What the.......?

     The letters 'NARC' had been spray painted in red across the entire back wall. Looking down I realized that the thing I'd tripped over was the arm of a body lying prostrate on the floor.

     Oh no!

     I recognized those clothes. It was Kris! Bending down I watched carefully and saw her chest rise and fall. Good! She was alive but unconscious. I needed to get to a phone fast.

     "What's this?" Turning I saw an ashen Mr. Eckhart running down the stairs.

     "Quick, call 911."

     I didn't have to ask twice before he grabbed his cell phone out of his belt and made the call. Sitting down on the bottom step, he put his head in his hands.
     "Not again," he muttered.

     Shaken I continued doing first aid, laying my sweater over Kris to keep her warm and counting the seconds until the medics arrived. I was afraid to move her even an inch in case her spine or neck was broken.

     Not again is right! And the words narc meant that someone had blown her cover. Hearing sirens and realizing that Mr. Eckhart was not in good shape to help, I raced up the stairs to direct everyone.

     Al rushed in the door, followed by John. Briefly explaining things, Al held me back to make room for the paramedics who also arrived.

     "Don't anyone touch anything." He glared at me. "This is a crime scene."


Dorothy BodoinDelusions can be deadly. Sometimes survival depends on the ability to see beyond appearances to reality.

Suzanne Hurley explores this idea in her new romantic mystery, DELUSIONS (Wings e-Press, October, 2008). DELUSIONS is a bittersweet tale of teen angst and tragedy, of a murder-minded drug dealer roaming the halls of a small rural high school, and of benign faces hiding their true natures behind masks.

's another adventure for Samantha Barclay, counselor at Milton High School in West Virginia, whose perceptions of life around her are about to be challenged.

DELUSIONS begins with a dance to celebrate Milton
's victory at the State Basket Ball Game. This should be a happy occasion for all, but as so often happens in real life, the festive atmosphere dissolves and quickly turns tragic. Sam responds to basketball star Mark Myton's frantic plea for help and finds cheerleader Cindy Lowe in a state of collapse in the girls' restroom. She has gone into cardiac arrest. The situation rapidly worsens. Cindy soon succumbs to irreparable damage done by ingesting the drug ecstasy. She leaves behind a boyfriend to take the blame, grieving parents, stunned friends, and a tormented counselor. How, Sam asks herself, could she have failed to see Cindy's emotional turmoil during their many sessions? Can Sam ever have confidence in her ability to counsel young people again? Who is doing a brisk business in drug traffic at Milton High School? And will there be another victim? Or more?

An added problem for Sam is her deteriorating relationship with her boyfriend, patrolman Al Michaels. Why is her romance going backward instead of forward? Was Al
's interest in her just another delusion? And what can she do when her beloved father becomes too interested in a woman who's all wrong for  him?

's determination to track down the drug dealer leads her into grave danger. She realizes that she  must be able to distinguish between illusion and reality, although at times this seems like an impossible task. Black and white give way to shades of gray, and Death wears a clever disguise.

Along with familiar faces from CHANGEABLE FACADES,
DELUSIONS offers an array of new characters: Anguished parents who have to reconcile their differences and rebuild their lives, a tormented young Goth, a handsome, charming new cop, a pretty narc who seems to have captured Al's romantic interest, a mysterious janitor, a pair of suspicious dropouts, Cindy's all-American boyfriend . . . One or more of these people may be the enemy.

Samantha Barclay is a courageous, perceptive heroine who is determined to restore order to her own little corner of the world where one teen-aged death is one too many. In spite of the serious subject and the many problems that beset Sam, DELUSIONS sparkles with humor and offers and twists guaranteed to take the reader by surprise.

Once you meet Sam and her friends, you
'll be eager to know what lies ahead for her. Good news! There's a  third book in the works.

   Dorothy Bodoin -author

Review #2:

review Samantha Barclay, high school counselor, isn't one to shy away from trouble. A characteristic that puts her in danger more than once as she tries to discover who is dealing drugs at Milton High School. One young girl's life is already forfeit to a fatal drug reaction, which threatens Samantha's self-esteem as a counselor. Sam had been counseling Cindy Lowe and thought she knew her, but as the investigation into Cindy's death progresses, Sam realizes there was a lot she didn't know about the student. As the story cleverly unfolds, we discover quite a few people are hiding behind masks.

     Because she cares about her students, Sam can't help being involved in the police investigation into the source of the drug that killed Cindy. Because she feels she failed the young girl, Sam ignores the warnings of Officer Al Michaels, a "very" good friend, to leave the investigation to the police.

     The students she's come into contact with have learned to trust Sam and she's able to use this to help uncover the source of the drugs. Just as others trust Sam, she tends to trust the wrong people, which provides several surprises along the way.

     DELUSIONS is a fast moving, tense mystery. Just as the reader thinks all has been revealed, the author springs yet another surprise.
 An enjoyable read. I highly recommend it.

Norma Seely  - author

Review #3:

    Smiling faces tell lies…
    and sell drugs at Milton High. 

School counselor Samantha Barclay never thought drugs, sex and secret lives would lurk behind closed doors in her small mountain town of Paxton, West Virginia, but when a popular, straight ‘A’ student dies from an overdose, Sam is riddled with guilt for not knowing the girl was in trouble.  Despite the grieving parents’ accusations toward their daughter’s boyfriend, Sam isn't convinced and, with the help of the girl’s cryptically coded diary, begins her own investigation, uncovering shocking secrets lurking among Milton High’s student body.

  Delusions, the sequel to Changeable Facades, Suzanne M. Hurley’s debut romantic suspense novel, is a story filled with numerous twists and unexpected turns.  I thought I had my finger on the culprit, but Ms Hurley’s genuine talent for deception kept me guessing the plot’s ultimate outcome.  A great ‘who-dunnit’ Ms. Hurley can be proud of.
  Kimberley Dehn www.kimberley-dehn
Review #4:
The death of a student at Milton High rocks counselor Samantha Barclay. She knew—or thought she knew—the student well. As she vows to get to the bottom of what happened, she discovers the magnitude of the drug problem in this small West Virginia school is greater than she could have imagined. Her attempts at investigation are hampered by the tension that hangs between her and Al Michaels, a deputy with the local Sheriff’s department. What once seemed a budding romance turned suddenly cold, leaving Sam hurt and confused.

  Suzanne Hurley keeps the reader in suspense, right up to the very end, with both the identity of the person behind the drug problem and with the outcome of Sam’s romantic life.
   Linda Rettstatt - Web Site
Review #4
When student counselor, Samantha Barclay goes into sleuth-mode to detect how one of her students has gotten herself dead, she finds herself in places where she’s obviously not wanted. Threatened, even. She learns there is more going on at Paxton’s, Milton High School than any of her students have mentioned. Her best people are doing drugs!

Meanwhile, her heart is divided between Officer Al Michaels and the new guy in town, Deputy John Islington, while her new puppy sleeps through it all. Her dad is dancing up a storm with the widow lady next door. He worries that someday Sam’s drive to get to the truth will get her killed. But in spite of all the threats, Sam is determined to find out who is behind Cindy Lowe’s secret life, and just who is supplying her kids with dope.

In Delusions, Suzanne M. Hurley creates another suspenseful Samantha Barclay Mystery, as the High School coun
selor once again gets into trouble when she gives in to her own natural curiosity to ferret out the truth. Why are her best people getting into drugs? Suzanne Hurley creates another suspenseful, page turning mystery where absolutely everyone appears to be the culprit.
   Joan Powell - author

Review #5

Delusions: A Samantha Barclay Novel proves to be a very fast-paced and enjoyable mystery. Samantha Barclay, a guidance counselor of a small town high school in Paxton West Virginia is horrified to learn of the unexpected death of a student, Cindy Lowe, whom she’s spent months counseling. As events unfold, it suddenly becomes clear to Samantha that she doesn’t know Cindy at all.

Samantha does some sleuthing into the investigation of Cindy’s death despite the disapproval of local homicide detective, Al. Sparks fly between Samantha and Al as they are repeatedly thrown together while trying to solve the murder and growing drug problem in the small high school of Paxton, West Virginia.

Samantha Barclay is a likeable, clever, delightful and believable character. Delusions is an interesting, well written and well thought out read. Ms. Hurley has definitely done her homework in this story of murder and drugs. It held my interest and curiosity to the very end. I absolutely look forward to reading another “Samantha Barclay Novel” in the near future. A must read!!

Review By:
Tammy Riviere, Author of “Figure 8”


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